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Emergency Equipment at Fitche Hospital in Ethiopia

Imagine going to the emergency room and discovering that you or your family member cannot be treated because there are insufficient medical supplies for your needs. In Canada, we expect emergency departments to be fully stocked with the right equipment for each area of our emergency care. Fitche Hospital in Ethiopia, however, is in serious need of basic emergency equipment to improve its services.

Fitche Hospital serves a catchment area of 1.5 million people. The region has extremely high poverty levels and there is only one doctor for every 20,000 people.

Due to a lack of basic medical equipment, families in this region are not always able to access the treatment and care they need. The equipment shortage often means illnesses worsen or seemingly minor injuries result in death. Yet in many cases, these exacerbated health issues are preventable.

Your Gift of Change of $1,500 will help purchase critical emergency room equipment and supplies, providing assurance to women, men and children who are seeking life-threatening medical care. The 1:1 match by an anonymous donor will leverage your donation to a total investment of $3,000.

Price: $1500