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Building the Future - Junior Farmer Field and Life Skills School

Only 19% of the children in the rural farming district of Bunda, Tanzania go on to secondary school. Many are living in poverty and must drop out of school to support their families who cannot produce enough food to eat. Boys often find employment in underpaid and dangerous jobs. Girls are especially at risk of being sold into marriage or engaging in transactional relationships.

Building the Future will provide school children and youth with agricultural trainings in their own school settings, teaching them how to improve crop production and food security for themselves and their families. The students will also learn about child labour, sexual rights, and the issues of HIV/AIDS, which is higher than the national average in this district. imagine making a gift that will help children today, and in the future!

Make a Gift of Change of $2,000 towards Building the Future and help children and youth in rural Tanzania receive a fair chance at a safe and secure future.

With the match, your donation of $2,000 will be leveraged to a total investment of $8,000!

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Price: $2000