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Top Fundraisers

  Name Total
1. Beulah Phillpot $3252.00
2. Tracey Thomas-Falconar $1968.02
3. Bonnie McIlmoyl $1590.00
4. Doug Klassen $1350.00
5. Kathy Athayde $465.25

Top Teams

  Team Name Total
1. Kildonan - East Collegiate $43550.25
2. Anarres Natural Health $8912.96
3. Klaassen / McIlmoyl $6390.00
4. Winnipeg for Water $2943.00
5. Saving Mothers Project and University of Manitoba Service Learning $225.00


These critical projects will make an enormous difference in the lives of rural African community members. 

By helping to provide access to life's most basic needs such as clean and safe water, adequate food, primary health care and a safe and healthy environment - you are helping African men, women and children to build a brighter future.

Projects You Can Support

Plant Trees in Africa

Did you know that the simple act of planting a tree can help build healthy communities in rural Africa?

We need your help to plant 15,000 trees.

Goats for Health and Income

The Goats for Health and Income project will help farmers improve their health and income by providing goats to farming households in Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda.  Goats have been identified as rich protein and nutrient sources, as well as income generators.

Clean Water and Sanitation

CPAR has been creating access to clean water and improved hygiene since 2004. Using the innovative rainwater harvesting method, more than 10,000 children at 27 schools now have healthier and brighter futures.

Hope and Health in Ethiopia: Tackling Deadly Neglected Tropical Diseases

Support the Hope and Health in Ethiopia campaign to help tackle Neglected Tropical Diseases that affect roughly a quarter of the world’s population, disproportionately affecting those in resource poor settings.

Healthy Environment in Ethiopia

CPAR works on environmental conservation in all its countries as it is a key to overall community health. This year we are especially focused on working with farmers in Ethiopia to reclaim land, rehabilitate forests and create a healthy environment for their families.

Safe Motherhood in Tanzania

70% of women in rural Tanzania give birth at home without skilled care or sterile birth supplies causing unnecessarily high rates of death among mothers and babies. Help improve access to health care facilities, and maternal and neonatal care by supporting CPAR’s new Safe Motherhood Project.

Fight Hunger in Africa

The idea of three square meals a day is largely unheard of in rural Africa. Here, families usually eat a single meal in the evening.  They might have a small breakfast if there are any leftovers. It’s time to join the fight against  hunger in Africa!

Ukerewe Farmer Field School

The project’s focus is on facilitating training on improved agronomic practices and other relevant farmer-prioritized topics such as pest management, improved methods of crop storage, nutrition and food diversification, farm business education and savings, gender education, natural resource management and health via CPAR’s unique model of the Farmer Field School approach.