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These critical projects will make an enormous difference in the lives of rural African community members. 

By helping to provide access to life's most basic needs such as clean and safe water, adequate food, primary health care and a safe and healthy environment - you are helping African men, women and children to build a brighter future.

Projects You Can Support

Plant Trees in Africa

Did you know that the simple act of planting a tree can help build healthy communities in Sub-Saharan Africa?

We need your help to plant 15,000 trees.

Stop Malaria in its tracks

According to the 2017 World Malaria Report, there were 216 million cases of malaria worldwide, up from 211 million the year before. Sub-Saharan Africa carries a disproportionally high share of the global malaria burden. The region is home to 90%of malaria cases and 91% of malaria deaths.

Clean Water and Sanitation

CPAR has been creating access to clean water and improved hygiene since 2004. Using the innovative rainwater harvesting method, more than 10,000 children at 27 schools now have healthier and brighter futures.

Donate a Day for World Health Day

The Donate a Day campaign provides Canadian physicians and other medical professionals with a means to support the efforts of African community members as they face the daily challenges of accessing primary health care, clean water,  and a safe and healthy environment.

Donate for Diagnosis

We’re working to raise $10,000 for Fitche hospital, and every dollar donated goes to buy emergency equipment, including defibrillators, IV pumps, suction machine – all the basics you’d expect to see in any emergency room in any developed country.