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Goats for Health and Income

Goats also provide much needed protein

The Need

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the number of people suffering from starvation, under-, and malnutrition is estimated at 239 million, and this figure could increase in the near future. Additionally, this is the only region in the world where poverty is expected to increase.

A key challenge for farming communities in rural Africa is access to protein sources and sustainable income generation. One of the ways to ensure that farmers have the opportunity to build secure livelihoods is to provide them with the means to generate enough income to help support and feed their families.


The Goats for Health and Income project will help farmers improve their health and income by providing goats to farming households in Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda.  Goats have been identified as rich protein and nutrient sources, as well as income generators.

Goats are often the only asset possessed by a poor rural farm family in Africa. They can be bred and sold to other village members. In times of crop failure or family illness, goats can be sold for food or critical medicine.  

If farmers build up a herd of goats, they can sell them to buy oxen for ploughing or an expensive milking cow (that produces even more milk).  During times of drought, selling one goat could buy enough grain to feed a family of five for two to three months.

Each farmer will receive 2 female goats and training on animal husbandry. The Goats for Health and Income project works on a pay it forward principle and the first two kids will be passed on to another farmer to spread the benefit. CPAR plans to distribute over 100 goats this year.  

Start Your Own Campaign


You can raise funds for the Goats for Health and Income project by starting your own personal fundraising campaign.

For example:

$1000:  supply a herd of goats to a community

$400:    provide 2 families with 4 goats  

The Result

In rural Africa, goats are a great source for income and nutrition. Your campaign will help to enable farmers to break the cycle of poverty and improve the quality of life for their entire family.  

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Goal: $10000.00
Raised: $4097.77 (40%)



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