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The Williamson Team Rainwater Harvesting Project



The primary school targeted for this project has 382 students and 8 teachers.  The nearest year-round water source is 3.5 kilometres away from the school. Three villages depend on this unprotected water source and the water is contaminated. The time it takes for the round trip journey to fetch water eats into school time and the energy of the children.  This leads to poor attendance rates as children are often late for school or miss morning sessions entirely.  

Water borne illnesses are recognized as another major reason for school absences and also the poor health of the students. Children attending the school experience chronic stomach problems as a result of consuming unsafe water. Bilharzia (a parasite infestation) and schistosomiasis are widely prevalent and many students reported experiencing headaches due to dehydration.


  1. A source of renewable clean water at the school provided by rainwater captured in two specially built water tanks.
  2. Improved sanitation facilities by building an eight unit Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) latrine block for use by girls.
  3. Hygiene facilities and education. Provision of hand washing and drinking stations, soap and plastic cups at the school along with education and hands-on-demonstrations to improve health and hygiene practices.


The completion of this Water, Sanitation and Hygiene project will increase attendance rates and will positively impact the health of students at the school. The tanks and latrines will be managed and maintained by the local community and water committee members will be specially trained to offer health, hygiene and sanitation education and training to students and to other community members as well.  This project will have a lasting impact in that it will not only benefit the 382 students who are currently at the school, but future students as well.


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Goal: $25000.00
Raised: $15030.00 (60%)


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