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Ukerewe Farmer Field School

Fineus with youngest child


This food security project is being carried out on Ukerewe, an island in Lake Victoria.  Ukerewe is one of Tanzania’s poorest districts. Subsistence farming is the main economic activity in this region, employing over 90% of the population. The area’s increasing population is negatively impacting agricultural production.  Excessive use of arable land and poor farming methods are causing diminishing soil fertility. The majority of farmers participate in mono-cropping of cassava, potato, maize, fruit or rice for both home consumption and income generation, which further contributes to soil degradation. As such, crop yields are low, access to food is limited and malnutrition levels are high, especially among children.

This project is training 92 male and female farmers in three Farmer Field School groups.  The main goals are:
•    To improve the health, nutrition levels and wellbeing of targeted rural farmers.
•    To increase the adoption of agronomic practices focusing on Conservation Agriculture principles.
•    To increase crop production.
•    To improve year-round food security for farming households.

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Goal: $37200.00
Raised: $12850.00 (34%)


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