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Plant Trees in Africa

Tree seedlings to be planted

The Need

Deforestation and land degradation are complex problems.  Africa's soil resources are fragile and sensitive to misuse. sub-Saharan Africa's fuelwood consumption is running 30 to 200 per cent ahead of the average increase in the stock of trees. Africa loses an estimated 5 million hectares of tropical forest area per year and land degradation is estimated to affect about 230 million hectares annually.

While deforestation in other parts of the world is mainly caused by commercial logging or cattle ranching the leading causes in Africa are associated with human activity.

Developing countries rely heavily on wood fuel, the major energy source for cooking and heating. In Africa, the statistics are striking: an estimated 90 percent of the entire continent's population uses fuelwood for cooking, and in sub-Saharan Africa, firewood and brush supply approximately 52 percent of all energy sources.

Everything is connected.

  1.  Without fertile soil, food production declines and hunger increases
  2. Without adequate forest cover soils become depleted
  3. Without secure food supplies and clean water, good health is impossible

Often, we don't think about the fact that trees are a crucial ingredient to sustaining good health - especially in rural African communities.

Yes, it's true - trees are a source of life!


When you Plant a Tree in Africa, you’ll provide vulnerable rural African communities with a precious source of life and health. Trees add moisture to the air, help return nutrients and moisture to the soil, provide communities with nutritional fruits and help fight climate change.

Start Your Own Campaign


Campaign Goal:                                                  $11,000.00


You can make a difference – one tree at a time. A gift of $30 will plant 60 trees, $100 will plant a small woodlot of 250 trees and buy tools such as shovels and watering cans for a tree nursery, a gift of $400 plants 500 trees, buys tools, seedlings and other items for establishing a tree nursery.

The Result

In Africa, trees provide many of life's day-to-day necessities:

Trees help increase food production by returning moisture and nutrients to the soil. Trees add moisture to the air, which can increase rainfall and help combat famine producing droughtTrees clean the air for the entire global community and help prevent global warming when concerned global citizens like you support CPAR’s Plant a Tree in Africa program, your gift will support tree planting projects and help provide food, income and shelter, while preventing soil erosion, pollution and famine.

Plant a Tree in Africa Today!

Donate to this Project
Goal: $11000.00
Raised: $3063.20 (27%)


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