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Healthy Environment in Ethiopia

Energy saving stove.

The Need

The forest cover of Ethiopia has suffered severe deforestation and degradation because of an increasing demand for fuel wood and land for cropping and grazing, and global warming. In the early twentieth century about 42 million hectares, or the equivalent of some 35 percent of Ethiopia’s land area, might have been covered with forest. With the inclusion of savannah woodland, the estimate rises to some 66 percent of the country.

By the early 1950s, the remaining forest covered only about 16 percent of the total land area. By 2000, the coverage was estimated at only 4.2 percent and between 1990 and 2010, Ethiopia lost another 18.6% of its forest cover.

The depletion and degradation of the forest are a threat to ecosystem diversity and a fundamental influence on the declining standard of living of many households. The soil is deprived of nutrients from trees and becomes poorer quality. The lack of trees also increases the impact of runoff especially during heavy seasonal rains which wash rich topsoil away. Without fertile soil, food production declines and hunger increases…because everything is connected.


CPAR's goal is to increase the food production of farmers in the Jarso Woreda (District) in northwest Ethiopia by sustainably improving the local natural environment. We will focus on a three prong approach that will include the rehabilitation of degraded areas, increasing overall tree coverage and preventing future problems through education and new technology.

  • In order to achieve these goals, we’ll focus on a variety of activities that:
  • Establish new tree nurseries and support them with over 57,000 multipurpose tree seedlings (eg. Acacia Abyssinica, Cordia Africana)

Provide 30 nursery owners with training and basic tools and supplies (wheel barrels, watering cans, hoes)

  • Implement conservation education campaigns to reach over 800 community members
  • Set up and support school environmental clubs
  • Distribute and promote energy saving stoves that use up to 80% less fuel.
  • Restore 2 degraded gullys         

Start Your Own Campaign



Plant 5000 trees, support 2 school environmental clubs, and supply energy saving stoves to 10 households


Train 30 nursery owners on tree management and supply them with tools like wheel barrels, watering cans, hoes and hand tools   


Support a small nursery with tools and a grove of 1000 trees like Acacia Abyssinica and Cordia Africana

The Result

Your campaign will help create a healthier environment and increase food security for up to 1000 community members in Jarso Woreda. 

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Goal: $22000.00
Raised: $1008.52 (4%)


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Tracey Thomas-Falconar

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