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The Drop Zone Vancouver

Top Ten Superheroes
Participant Amount
1. Archie Campbell$21980.00
2. Akaisha Bennett$2300.00
3. Tracey Ellis$2245.00
4. Jennifer Dalmir$2230.00
5. Kelly Shea$1814.50
6. Cheyenne Parizeau$1801.00
7. John Roach$1660.00
8. Charlene Krepiakevich$1520.00
9. Mike Wessel$1500.00
10. Jasmine Lorimer$1400.00

Top Ten Teams
Team Amount
1. The Suicide Squad$23895.00
2. #playlikeagirl$2350.00
3. The Flying Squirrels$2340.00
4. Rapid Deceleration$2080.00
5. The Pink Power Gals$1175.00
6. Z95.3$1000.00
7. Team Canon$300.00
8. deMars Adventurers$50.00
9. Amway Canada$50.00

2016 Easter Seals Drop Zone Vancouver

September 13, 2016 - 999 West Hastings

Be a superhero for children with disabilities! The Vancouver Drop Zone challenges participants to raise a minimum of $1000 and then step outside their comfort zone on September 13, 2016 by rappelling down a 20 story office building in downtown Vancouver- all in support of Easter Seals services in BC. You can sign up as a team or individual today, the registration fee is $50 per person and is credited towards your fundraising total.

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The Cause

Drop Zone Superheroes do more than just defy gravity by scaling a skyscraper. They help hundreds of kids with disabilities and Easter Seals Families across BC by raising much needed funds for Easter Seals Services - Easter Seals Camps for children with disabilities and Easter Seals House Vancouver . Visit www.eastersealsbc.ca for more information.

The Fine Print

* To participate you must be at least 19 years old on the day of the rappel.

* All rappellers must attend one of the four mandatory training sessions in late August and early September.

* A registration fee of $50 must be paid at the time of registration. This fee is non-refundable and is not eligible for a tax receipt.

* Weight restrictions for the rappelling apparatus are also in effect. The maximum weight for rappellers is 275lbs. If you weigh more than this, please notify us when you register.

* Teams are encouraged for this event as it's not only fun to rappel alongside others you know, but also easier to fundraise collectively as a group. Teams still need to raise the minimum multiplied by the number of individuals in that team, but you can raise the money collectively. For example, if there are two of you then you'll need to raise a minimum of $2000, but if one person raises $1500 and the other only $500 then you'll both still be able to rappel. If a team of people raise funds but only are able to make it to $1000, then only one person from that team can rappel.

* The deadline to raise the minimum fundraising amount of $1000 is event day, September 13, 2016

* The charitable Registration Number for the Vancouver event is 11921 7248 RR0001.


Contact Natasha at Easter Seals Vancouver for information or just to chat about this super event:

Natasha Blatchford at tblatchford@lionsbc.ca | 604-873-1865 | 1-800-818-4483

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