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With this gift comes this ecard or you can now personalize your own!

Product Description Donations from this e-card will be put towards helping the animals that need it most. From giving a captive bear a new home in a sanctuary, providing medical assistance to animals after disasters or giving essential vaccinations to stray dogs, your gift will provide valuable support to our life-saving programs.

Show someone special how much you care with this special gift that helps animals in need around the world.

$20  Quantity
$40  Quantity
Your $20 gift will be directed to the program area with the greatest financial need. This gift could help us feed rescued bears in our sanctuaries, help provide aid to animals in the aftermath of a natural disaster or help provide education on how to humanely control stray dog populations. Proceeds from the $40 e-card will also be directed to the area of greatest need. This gift could help run sanctuaries to care for abused bears, help us campaign against bullfighting and whaling, or aid us in our fight to improve conditions for working horses and donkeys.
$80  Quantity
$100  Quantity
Your $80 gift would be directed to the most desperate animal. Your donation can make a significant difference in an animal's life. This gift could help WSPA feed a rescued bear for a week, treat animals affected by natural disasters or help us fund sanctuaries for animals rescued from a life of suffering. Send multiple e-cards with this gift!
This gift will help animals in need around the world. It could transport a rescued bear to our bear baiting sanctuary, or provide a rescued donkey with essential medical treatment so it can recover from neglect and abuse. You can send this e-card to all your family and friends to let them know that they inspired this gift.

Monthly Donation


In addition to the above your monthly donation of $20, $30 or $40 will provide a stable and reliable source of income to ensure the long-term future of our work. With your monthly gift, you will be able to send an e-card to your friend or family member, become a member of WSPA's Animal Rescue team and feel good about providing your support to animals all year round. You can change your monthly donation at any time by contacting WSPA toll-free at 1-800-363-WSPA (9772).