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With this gift comes this ecard or you can now personalize your own!

Product Description Factory farming is the biggest animal cruelty issue both locally and globally. Millions of sheep and other farm animals suffer unnecessarily each year. During long distance transportation, animals receive inadequate food, water, fresh air and rest, exposure to harsh climates and extremely cramped conditions. You can help WSPA put an end to these appalling farming practices and promote better living conditions for millions of animals.

Give sheep a better life by sending a Really Wild Gift!

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$40  Quantity
Your gift of $20 could help our campaign to stop the long distance transportation of animals. Thousands of sheep endure gruelling and unnecessary journeys from Australia to the Middle East each year. Your gift of $40 could help us raise awareness of the awful truth about high intensity farming and will help us urge governments to create laws that protect sheep and other farm animals by providing better conditions for a more dignified life.
$80  Quantity
$100  Quantity
Increase your donation to $80, which could help educate consumers about buying products from free range and organic farms where animals are raised more humanely. Send multiple e-cards with this gift!
Your gift of $100 could help us create better conditions for sheep by helping our work with governments both in Canada and globally to end intensive farming and long-distance transportation, by strengthening animal welfare laws and increasing penalties for people who break them. You can send this e-card to all your family and friends to let them know that they inspired this gift.

Monthly Donation


Join WSPA's Animal Rescue Team by making a monthly donation of $20, $30 or $40. In addition to the benefits listed above your monthly donation will provide long-term, ongoing help for farm animals. With your monthly donation, you will be able to send an e-card to a friend or family member, become a member of WSPA's Animal Rescue team and feel good about providing your support to animals all year round. You can change your monthly donation at any time by contacting WSPA toll-free at 1-800-363-WSPA (9772).