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With this gift comes this ecard or you can now personalize your own!

Product Description Millions of dogs are killed inhumanely every year in a futile attempt to control the spread of rabies. WSPA is working to end to this cruelty by showing that humane mass dog vaccination can create a world where dogs and humans live safely side by side.

$20  Quantity
$40  Quantity
This is the most humane way to control stray dog populations. Your gift of $20 could help pay for one dog to be neutered in Sierra Leone, preventing the birth of unwanted puppies that would suffer on the streets. This gift could help pay for all the feed and hay needed at the Pegasus equine shelter in Israel for a whole day.
$80  Quantity
$100  Quantity
In fact, your gift of $80 could help vaccinate and collar all the dogs in two small villages in Bangladesh. Send multiple e-cards with this gift!
This gift could pay to train a teacher at a school in a city such as Colombo, Sri Lanka, who will go on to educate countless children about animal welfare and to be kind to dogs. You can send this e-card to all your family and friends to let them know that they inspired this gift.

Monthly Donation


Join WSPA's Animal Rescue Team by making a monthly donation. Your monthly donation will help provide our stray dogs program with a steady flow of income, enabling us to think ahead and plan efficiently. With your monthly donation, you will be able to send an e-card to your friend or family member and feel good about helping animals all year round. You'll also receive our WSPA News magazine twice a year. You can change your monthly donation at any time by contacting WSPA toll-free at 1-800-363-WSPA (9772).