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With this gift comes this ecard or you can now personalize your own!

Product Description Bears are some of the world's best-loved animals, but sadly thousands of bears endure a life of suffering. Bears are exploited for inhumane activities such as bear baiting, imprisoned in bear farms and poached for their claws and fur. WSPA campaigns to protect bears from abuse and funds bear sanctuaries to give suffering bears new lives. Help us put an end to these dreadful practices and provide rescued bears with better lives in our forested sanctuaries.

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$36  Quantity
You could help feed a bear at our Balkasar Sanctuary in Pakistan with this gift, which would buy nourishing food such as fruit, bread, vegetables, honey and nuts. A gift of $36 could enable us to visit six local mosques in Pakistan to encourage religious leaders to spread a powerful anti-bear baiting message.
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This gift could help us to feed and give urgent veterinary care to one traumatized, rescued bear on arrival at the Balkasar sanctuary. Send multiple e-cards with this gift!
This gift could help pay for all the essential veterinary medicine needed by a rescued bear for six months at the Balkasar bear sanctuary. You can send this e-card to all your family and friends to let them know that they inspired this gift.

Monthly Donation


Join WSPA's Animal Rescue Team by making a monthly donation of $20, $30 or $40. Your monthly donation would provide a stable and reliable source of income to help us rehabilitate rescued bears, provide veterinary care, food and shelter all year round and develop new plans to rescue more bears from cruel activities. With your monthly donation, you will be able to send an e-card to a friend or family member, become a member of WSPA's Animal Rescue Team and feel good about providing your support to animals all year round. You can change your monthly donation at anytime by contacting WSPA toll-free at 1-800-363-WSPA.