Lifelong Learning for Farmers

Lifelong Learning for Farmers

Price: $150.00


This farmer-to-farmer exchange saw eager participants from Cuba, Canada, Honduras and Nicaragua come together to learn about vegetable seed saving from the people who best understand farmers' work: their peers

Gift Description

Invest in farmers and a healthier future! Sometimes, the most meaningful gift is showing you believe in someone's potential. Your gift will help farmers access the lifelong learning they need to grow good food in ways that are kinder to the environment.

How it Helps

Your gift will support training programs that enable farmers to continue learning and sharing knowledge, with a special focus on youth, women and Indigenous farmers. From farmer exchanges to seed fairs, these initiatives give farmers the tools they need to keep innovating, to advocate for their needs, and to grow great food for their communities. Invest in human potential. Invest in farmers.

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