Water for Crops

Water for Crops

Price: $50.00


Teodora Arancibia waters her crops on her small farm thousands of meters above sea level, in the high Andes of Bolivia. Water is crucial for growing healthy food, but it’s in short supply. Thanks to generous donors like you, Teodora was able to construct a simple water harvesting system and now has a long-term, reliable source of water for her crops. This year, give the gift that flows!

Gift Description

Water is crucial, but for many farmers, it’s in short supply. Your gift will help a farmer take charge of their own water needs, even in the face of a changing climate.

How it Helps

Whether it be digging their own wells, harvesting rainwater or surface runoff, or putting in place gravity-fed irrigation systems, solutions exist. Your gift will help farmers implement the best solutions for their farms.

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