FEATURED GIFT - Total Transportation - Flying

Transportation to a family cottage or local vacation resort can be expensive...


Children's Wish "Wish Builder"

Each wish we create is as special as the child and family it is for. However, there are some things that are common to most wishes: the "building blocks". This catalogue allows you to choose from a variety of different components of a wish - travel, logistics, special treats and the little extras that make wishes special. Choose which part of the magic of a wish you'd like to help build.

Love This Lion


Having a friend close by to give courage and companionship late at night or during painful...


Packed - Ready to Go


For wish kids, the excitement and anticipation waiting for their wish is part of the fun...


Lovin' the Lodging - Overnight


For a child who spends so much time in hospital rooms or at home, the chance for a short overnight stay in a hotel can ...


The Great Getaway (Share)


This gift of a family vacation provides a child and their family a much needed escape...