FEATURED GIFT - Enormously Entertaining (Share)

Children love to go to movies and concerts; this entertainment centre brings that experience to life in a child's home...


Children's Wish "Wish Builder"

Each wish we create is as special as the child and family it is for. However, there are some things that are common to most wishes: the "building blocks". This catalogue allows you to choose from a variety of different components of a wish - travel, logistics, special treats and the little extras that make wishes special. Choose which part of the magic of a wish you'd like to help build.

Love This Lion


Having a friend close by to give courage and companionship late at night or during painful...


Packed - Ready to Go


For wish kids, the excitement and anticipation waiting for their wish is part of the fun...


Lovin' the Lodging - Overnight


For a child who spends so much time in hospital rooms or at home, the chance for a short overnight stay in a hotel can ...


The Great Getaway (Share)


This gift of a family vacation provides a child and their family a much needed escape...