Gift Catalogue FAQs

Gift Catalogue FAQs

Why can't I buy a gift through the online Catalogue of Wishes if I'm under 16 years of age? After all, many of the recipients are under 16.

The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada requires online payment and contact information be submitted by an adult. If you are under 16 years of age and would still like to purchase a gift, just ask a parent or guardian to provide their payment and contact information and the donation will be accepted.

Can I specify that my gift be given to a specific child?

Not at this time. The Children's Wish Foundation tries to ensure all gifts go to the child who is in the most need of the gift purchased.

How are prices determined for gifts in the Catalogue of Wishes?

Prices are set based on standard marketplace pricing for such items. Sometimes, corporations will offer special discounted or wholesale pricing to allow us to get more out of our fundraising dollars.

Where does my money go when I purchase a gift?

While the majority of the purchase price goes toward buying and delivering the actual gift item, fundraising and administration costs are also built into the price of each gift in the catalogue. Thanks to our numerous volunteers, our total administration costs are kept down to 15%. The majority of every dollar raised goes directly toward granting the wishes of seriously ill children.

How are the gifts chosen for the Catalogue of Wishes?

Every child has different needs and interests, so gifts have been chosen to reflect those differences. Also some corporations may offer valuable discounts on items being offered as or included in a gift.

Who receives the gifts I purchase?

Any child residing in Canada between the ages of 3 and 17 who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness qualifies for a wish. This illness must be verified by the child's treating physician.

How are the gifts I purchase delivered?

Volunteers and local businesses help The Children's Wish Foundation deliver or administer the gift as part of a wish granted, with the permission and cooperation of the child's family.

Are some gifts better than others?

No. All of the gifts have been carefully selected to meet the various needs and desires of the children. Every gift is valuable and it is your choice as to which gift to give.

Will I get a tax receipt for my purchase?

Yes. Purchases of our virtual gifts are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

Do you still have a question? Please contact us.

Thank you for your interest and support.