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Top Fundraisers

  Name Total
1. Beulah Phillpot $3252.00
2. Tracey Thomas-Falconar $1968.02
3. Bonnie McIlmoyl $1590.00
4. Doug Klassen $1350.00
5. Kathy Athayde $465.25

Top Teams

  Team Name Total
1. Kildonan - East Collegiate $43550.25
2. Anarres Natural Health $8912.96
3. Klaassen / McIlmoyl $6390.00
4. Winnipeg for Water $2943.00
5. Saving Mothers Project and University of Manitoba Service Learning $225.00

Kathy Athayde

Team: Kildonan - East Collegiate

I am a teacher at Kildonan-East Collegiate. We are working to raise funds to help students at primary schools in Tanzania have access to clean, safe drinking water, pit latrines for girls, and handwashing stations.
In 2013 and 2010, I travelled with a group of students and other teachers from Kildonan-East Collegiate to visit schools and tour the area. We started partnering with CPAR in 2007 and were amazed at the positive impact we have helped to make so far. The visits were life-changing experiences for our students and we are very excited about continuing our efforts.

Donation Goal: $0.00
Raised so far: $465.25


Generous Donor

Kathy Athayde

Peter Nicholls

Kathy Athayde

Kathy Athayde

Kathy Athayde

Kathy Athayde